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A Jungian Approach to Engaging Our Creative Nature

Starting August 2019. Specific dates and location TBA. For email notification use form below.


What is that mysterious factor that gives rise to the creative impulse, intuition and insight, offers solutions to creative impasses when we least expect it and guides a creative work to completion? Where does our creativity come from? Rather than offering answers and explanations, A Jungian Approach to Engaging Our Creative Nature takes up these questions as openings to imagination and imagination as an engaged encounter with the very source of our creativity. The aim of the book and the group is to awaken and foster a fertile relationship with our creative nature.

This bi-weekly seven-session format will take us through the book at about two chapters every two weeks. While reading guides will be supplied, participants will be encouraged to tend what stirs in them in the process of reading and discussion. The intention, then, is that reading and discussion will enact the fertile relationship we seek. Creative response like individual journaling will likely deepen this.


The book and discussion will likely benefit most those who engage in some regular creative practice and have some interest and/or familiarity with Jungian psychology. Every attempt will be made to address disparities in the latter among group members. If possible, participants will be grouped by degree of familiarity with Jung. Please direct questions and concerns regarding this to me asap.


$20/session or $100 for the series

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