on creativity and the mythic return to origins

University of Dallas, September 2019

engaging our creative nature

A Jungian Approach to Engaging Our Creative Nature book launch event Friday, October 11 2019 with the Kansas City Friends of Jung

Whatever that mysterious factor is that animates creative work– that gives rise to image, symbol, inspiration, guiding intuition and insights–our relationship with it is central to creativity. In the root metaphor of relationship “A Jungian Approach” seeks to engage our creative nature on its own terms. It seeks embody a relationship of intimacy by performing the creativity of psyche.

The encounter awakens a desire to be faithful. Desire moves us to cultivate a mytho-poetic presence A mytho-poetic presence opens to the source of our creativity where it lives: in the body things, nature, world and cosmos. Fidelity to our creative nature calls for a creative undoing of the collective preoccupations that alienate us from the generativity of the soul. Tending the relationship clears the way until we know in our bones that we are creative by nature.

Bob Sandford will tell the tale of the writing of the book, explore some of the native dwelling places of the source and unmake some of the collective biases that stand in the way of us embracing the heritage of our creative nature.