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What friends and fans are saying

Hi Bob, I spent the afternoon listening to most of both your two albums – Thick and Many Rooms.  They’re really good Bob, I like the styles of your tunes, very groovy and very foot-tappable.  Also, your sounds are nice, and they get better on Many Rooms.  Very good writing and arranging.  – Klaus

I have heard this new album [Many Rooms] and it’d incredible! Great job Bob! I’m going to share this, and ask others do the same .Let’s give this musical work of art the exposure it deserves. -Tom

Bob – Seriously fun stuff. Every time I listen to a cut I am just transported to that musical place that we have been able to share for so long. You are a very well rounded and accomplished musician. – JB

Bravo Bob! What a great collection of songs.  Each one stands on its own without replication. Being “old school” my favorites are Daydream Sky, Flabbergassed, What’s Seven For?, The Return, and Whenever You Can is absolutely gorgeous.  Do you have any lyrics for that one?  I see a hit song for that one.
It was fun reading what you wrote about each song as I listened to them. You are a marvelous song writer and artist.  Ron said that you are a musician’s musician. The art work on your CD holder is intrinsically interesting too. -Priscilla